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Process Variations

Many, innovative, in-press techniques impart component characteristics thought virtually impossible with deep drawn stamping. They include:

A  Threading - Threads are formed onto the part using a thread forming roll and arbor

B  Beading - A double layer is formed to add strength or create a flange-type feature

C  Side Notch - A notch is cut in the edge on the open end of the part

D  Reverse Draw - Tooling inverts the material to create an internal diameter

E  Side Pierce - Single or multiple holes are pierced through the sidewall of the part

F  Various Shapes - Round, square or shaped stampings achieved with various dies

G  Marking / Stamping - Part identification can be coined into the finished part

H  Necking - A portion of the part is reduced in diameter to less than the major diameter

I  Bulging - Material is displaced or stretched to create a larger diameter


Process Variations